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Grand day everyone!!

braker19 here!!

Today I have for you a FS17  Twinstar Dump Truck edited by Kman!

The dump truck has been uploaded and  is available for DOWNLOAD!

This Twinstar dump originally came from BanditBooker Modding,  Kman had his permission to upgrade/update and release!

Let's check out what Kman did!

 Most of the new mods coming out have a lot of new store options for the mods!

Store options for the FS17 Twinstar dump truck:

Different motor select

Color Select

Choice of tires

Rim color select

Option for rear hitch

 Kman did alot of cosmetic work to the dump truck to upgrade/update it!

Super work Kman, I love all of Kmans mods! 🙂 

Also, the light addon mod is not required for this mod, If you have this mod in you folder with his other trucks, it will crash the game or will cause other issues. 

If you have issues, remove the light addon mod!

Download link:



Huge thanks to Kman for allowing me to write about his work, I love all of Kmans work!  🙂 

Also big thanks to BanditBooker Modding for the original mod, and special thanks to Papa Smurf  Modding for allowing me to write for his site!


Stay tuned everyone we have much  more to come!

As always guys and gals, have a good one!

Mod on Modders!  🙂 








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