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  3. a question the creation of square bales does not work for me I turn on the packer but it doesn't work. thanks translated with Google
    Ist eine sehr gelungene Map. Die Größe ist auch sehr erstaunlich.
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  5. danny jhon


    the mods and this and this site are freakin awsome
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  7. dreggen


    i get -196,000,000 something in the store not Capacity - 4,100,654,080ltrs greetings Dreggen
  8. papasmurfmodding


    yes you need to sell it with the big brag boats
  9. Jellco


    Sorry can someone help how do i sell goods at johnys port on the ricciville map
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  11. wiser1000


    Another great mod pack however I am having trouble with the Wilson trailer i cant seem to get the back tank to unload. I've tried different crops and different dump point but no luck. Any ideas?
    Great Map I found this map to be great lots of fields , Trees, and mines . The map is seasons ready. Global Company Friendly . There are a few Errors but very little. I love the rework on the map. It is a big map but the placement of the Trees mines and fields are just right SO you can work on Fields in one section logging in one section then mining in one section. Nice flat ares in the mining sections so you can set up your mining placeables. Over all the the map is a 9 out of 10. Great work.
  12. kratasek00


    This map is fantastic. I've played quite a few map and several by Cazz but this is his best work in my honest opinion. It's also the best 16X map out there by a long shot. None of them compare to this one. Keep up the great work!
  13. Old Mcginty


    I love this map Cazz and play it alot. I am playing your 1.1 version. I just downloaded and tried the newest version today and the buildings are all missing with the latest download. Did I get a corrupt file or are they missing? I haven't had this happen in earlier versions. Thanks! And keep up the great work, you do awesome maps!
    Hey Cazz64 Beautiful Map. I have done a HeightType Update to the map for private use Also i have created a new much more detailed PDA Map for this absolutly beautiful Map Hope we can get in touch to talk about some things i would like to put into the Map especially the ManureHose System (for BGA etc.) Here is my PDA Map ==> CLICK ME <==
  14. Also I can not add the donkey mod which I downloaded from the PV Mod website it tells me, I can not add anymore of this types of object.
  15. Love this map but my chickens are 0% cleanliness and I do not see anyway to keep them clean. There is no food around the food area. My friend has the same issue with her chickens too. Does anyone know of a fix for this?
    this is one of the best. i do get an error for shop brand name or something like that. it pops up when loading and then ever time you buy something from the shop.
  16. Where i find a seasons geo mod for this map?
  17. Lucas_caparra


    Excelente post !!!
  18. Version 1.0.0


    Hey guys, Here are some FS19 standard silos made to look rusty and aged. I'll be using these on Rustic avres v2. These are multi fruit for my maps. They hold: wheat, barley, chaff, oat, grass, hey, coffee, mustard, rice, maize, manure, potato, canola, silage, forage, straw, sugarBeet, sugarCane, woodChips, seeds, sunflower, fertilizer, soybean, pigFood, poplar, lime, oat, rye, onion, carrot, millet, hops, tobacco, cabbage, redCabbage, lettuce, poppy, compost, hemp & clover. Small Silo holds 750000 Large Silo holds 1500000 Extension Silo 750000 Cheers Cazz
  19. papa

    fs19_GlobalCompany _pack_unzip_me

    That was so nice of you to make this pack up for all of us. You got to start making time for yourself. Thanks for all that you do.
  20. papasmurfmodding

    fs19_GlobalCompany _pack_unzip_me

    Version 1.0.0 also 1.0.1 also 1.4


    i have put the 10 main global company mods into one pack with the most updated mods GlobalCompany Addon - DisableTurnOffMotor version 1.0 Prevents the engine from being switched off if you move too far away from the vehicle. Information: Mod is only usable in combination with GlobalCompany! GlobalCompany Addon - Realistic Milking Time version 1.0 Cows are milked twice a day. To adjust this, milk is now credited at 6 am and 6 pm. In between you do not get any milk. Information: Mod is only usable in combination with GlobalCompany! GlobalCompany version 1.3 Global Company - A large script extension for Farming Simulator! GlobalCompany is the base for many scripts. No matter if production, warehouse or whatever - with this it is easy to implement. Changelog - NEW: Design - NEW: GlobalMarket - NEW: AnimalTrough - FIX: Error message at synchronisation Changelog - FIX: PlaceableDisplay - NEW: Synchronisationsystem for MP - NEW: GC-Class / GC-Staticclass Changelog - FIX: DynamicStorage: Fix effects on dediserver - FIX: DynamicStorage: Change key t to lctrl+t - FIX: 'Error: Server:registerObjectInStream is only allowed in writeStream calls' Error on MP - FIX: language texts - FIX: Objektinfo: Change position, now we can see the hand - FIX: Factory: Incomeprice can now be negative - FIX: VisibilityNodes: Collisions will check now also on Server - FIX: Adaption to Courseplay - NEW: DynamicStorage: Add unloadtriggers at places - NEW: Add dynamic ingamemap to gc menu - NEW: Factory: Add animaloutput - NEW: Factory: Add Seasons support - NEW: Add languanges: pt, it, pl - NEW: GC-Menu: Overview for DynamicStorage - NEW: GC-Menu: Better overview for Factorys - NEW: GC-Menu: AddOns can now create Tabs - NEW: Factory: add 'refPoint' - Attribute - NEW: Add new Gui-elements - And many more Changelog - NEW: French and Russian languages added - FIX: Shopmanager adapted to current patch - FIX: DensityHeightMapManager adapted to current patch - FIX: Added support for VertexDesign palettes for object info - NEW: Registration for Filltypes and Treetypes in Mods - FIX: Horsehelper adapted to Seasonsmod - FIX: Gui adapted for very wide monitors - NEW: more features for ProductionFactorys - FIX: Adaptation to AutoDrive - NEW: DynamicStorage GlobalCompany - Digital Display version 1.0 Placeable displays To change the text, go to the display and press the R button. Display small: - Number of lines: 1 - Price: 2.500 € Display big: - Number of lines: 6 - Price: 4.500 € Information: Mod only playable in combination with GlobalCompany! GlobalCompany Addon TreeMarker version 1.0 Bark beetles, fallen timber or firewood in the case of urgency? Then pique your interest in being a Ranger! You can use this mod to mark all coniferous trees with three different markings. Buy the spray cans you need in the shop! Information: Mod is only usable in combination with GlobalCompany! GlobalCompany - BGA with Grimme BeetBeater version 1.0.1 With the Grimme BeetBeater, sugar beets are chopped and then fed directly to the BGA. The biogas plant can also be fed with silage and slurry. You receive the income every hour. In addition, fermentation residues are produced. Production / Hour: Liter Required Inputs: Sugarbeet, silage or liquidmanure Output: Digaste and money Information: Mod is only usable in combination with GlobalCompany! Changelog - Trigger adjusted - Reduce digaste production at input liquidmanure - Add language france GlobalCompany - Fermenting Silo version 1.0.1 With this Fermenting silo you can easily produce Silage. Production / Hour: 3.000 Liter Required Inputs: Grass, Chaff Output: Silage Information: Mod only playable in combination with GlobalCompany! Changelog - Add sound - Trigger adjusted - Add language france GlobalCompany - SeedMaker version 1.0.1 This SeedMaker makes seeds from Grain and Herbicide. Production / Hour: 1.000 Liter Required Inputs: Grain, Herbicide Output: Seeds Information: Mod is only usable in combination with GlobalCompany! Changelog - Trigger adjusted - Add language france GlobalCompany Addon Icons version 1.0.1 Replaces various standard icons with individual ones!! Information: Mod is only usable in combination with GlobalCompany! Changelog - NEW: Support for Season mod icons GlobalCompany Addon ManureBarrelFix version 1.0 Fix for Manurebarrels: If it is empty, it is now switched off automatically.
    What a big beautiful map. Alot of thanks goes out to Cazz and his team. Thank you very much.
    I find this to be very fun ty for all the hard work that went into this it shows
    The "Mad Max" of combines! Cheers to Cazz and Old Aussie Gamer!
  21. papasmurfmodding


    Version 1.0.0


    Today we take a look at a really cool manure system pack that allows you to pump and process liquid manure using hoses and pumps to be loaded into slurry spreaders, tankers and a holding lagoon. Hoses are able to be manually attached to extensions. The valves and switches all are manually controlled and super realistic. All 8 mods were put together in one zip file for your convenience. All you have to do is unzip and put all 8 files into you mods folder. All original links also listed below with full credits. Special thanks to Papa smurf for helping with the review and combining all the mods into one pack. Additional information and links below in the description below. As always everyone, thank you so much for watching today's review and for supporting the channel. Manure System readme help file Github Link - https://github.com/stijnwop/manureSystem/blob/master/README.md
  22. Fantastic work on the original map. I am a huge fan of all your work. There is a but coming along...unless I am missing something there is no sell points for mining materials? You can use the materials for your different factories but no sell point for them. I grew up in a mining town in Alaska, USA and love mining with equipment. Is there someway to sell these mining materials?
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