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Cold Mountain Forestry



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  4. marsha nicholson


    hello cazz, i love all of your maps, this one is my favorite, i play it by myself, it gives me hours of pure enjoyment. keep up the awesome work .would love to see some lavendar as a new crop. and good luck with your rustuc acres map with giants.
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  6. winston9587


    Version V.3.0.0


    this has alot of shop opions also moddesc been updated and is updated to courseplay friendly flatbeds have autoload you well need the easyautoload https://www.nexusmods.com/farmingsimulator19/mods/117
  7. winston9587


    Version 1.0.0


    this has alot of shop opions also moddesc been updated and is updated to courseplay friendly
  8. winston9587


    Version 1.0.0


    this has alot of shop opions also moddesc been updated and is updated to courseplay friendly
  9. tnmcdow

    farming simulator 2019

    i give ps and all of mods 10 stars his jd db 120 if you unzip to edit it when you look seed and fert cap. you find that he has already updated the mass to false which means you can load how ever much you want and it weighs nothing ps jd db 120 is a god heavy planter my edit jd db 120 goses 50 mph because its so heavy I don't ps knows this ps jd db 120 you can change the wideth to what ever you want in ge cant wait to run it on land down unda if i could down load it
  10. tnmcdow

    • tnmcdow
    • papasmurfmodding

    I get a error when I down load  land down  unda and  I can't down this map

  11. joerg.kopischke


    Moin, everyone. A fantastic map Cazz, but unfortunately I have no animals or stables when starting the map and Stevie's stables could not be routed. Please help, nothing changes even without mods
    There are already Autodrive courses for the Map?
  12. louisa


    As always Papa Smurf never lets us down, i absolutely love his work. Thank you Papa for all you do and have done to make playing this game easier on the fingers lol . I always trust your work and i think you are a godsend 💖
    sieht ja sieht ganz gut aus. Habe bloß das Problem das die Tore beim Händler zu sind alle er Hut hat Hut.
  13. Just wondering about some missions.I never get contract to harvest cotton or poplar. I have fertilized both but then they want me to cultivate it or sow it but never harvest. Not really a big deal just wanted to try them before I bought equipment to do them myself. Anyone know whats causing this?
    Fantastic map only map I like to play on.This map is perfect for my play style.Thank you very much!
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  15. mrmartinez702


    love this map. so much to do and so many multifruit but can i delete the dynamic mud script without the map messing up?
  16. El Narizon


    The buildings of the mod pack "MW_PLACEABLE_HOF_USA" from https://www.modding-welt.com/forum/thread/17710-mw-hof-pack-usa-edition/ which is partly embedded into the map are outdated. In map is 1.0 - actual version is The issue is that several buidlings have shader issues (?), because when I place a vehicle inside the barn it looks like in full sunshine - but the inside of the barn is in full shadow.
    I just started with 16x maps at all and actually this is the one I'm hooked with. I like it very much and I am looking forward to what to come on it. One technical question I got: Could it be that the size of the map makes the HUD map and the minimap at native 1920x1080 resolution only showing a change (like after plowing) when the working width is at least 12m or something like that? It seems that I need to plow a "thicker line" at once to see the change on the HUD map or minimap. Mostly I work on every 2nd line (odd numbers first) to be able to turn without maneuvering and then the even lines on the way back. So there are alternating "thin lines" of non-plowed and already-plowed which is not correctly shown on the HUD map or minimap, if the working width is not wide enough.
  17. Great map! But where can i download the 1.6 version?
    i like that john deere is one i like the most
  18. Please duck and goat placeable thanks
  19. I LOVE this map so far! I just have one problem... I went to add in the Global Company's Animal Extension Mod and the Point of Sale for the Cow's milk is high up in the sky. I'm not sure if it's the map, the pasture, or Animal Pen Mod. (Ignore the red lines on the left of the screenshot, I was streaming on discord when I took the screenshot. I'm just hiding the names of my friends.)
  20. ich hab sie runtergeladen läuft auch aber die Türen am shop zum rausfahren sind zu und gehen nicht auf
    I have tried 3 times to download , at the last minute to go it fails . I will try in a few days to she if it will work .
  21. Version 1.0.0


    Hey guys, We were asked if we could make a placeable railway crossing and thought it would be good to use on our next 16x map (Island Life). We did it so you place it over any part of railroad track on any map. (you have to own land first), Its done so after you place it, You just need to go into paint mode to paint road in. I would also like to thank my facebook group for there support. Stay Safe, Cazz Donation Link: paypal.me/cazz64 Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2280994372124357
  22. same issue, I even tried resetting my router and PC.
    Is there a trailer that works with this machine for transporting the bales of cotton it puts out.... I have tried all the default trailers none supports it..... please help
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