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  4. Fire8831

    LS19_Yogiland_EN_OY 19

    Great map, love playing on it. I'm having an issue and was wondering if I could get some direction. After unloading my harvesters in to trucks, the trailers are too heavy for my trucks to move them. I am using iconic truck and trailer mod pack and have never had this trouble with any other map. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for the help.
  5. Last week
  6. Iconik

    Iconik Fossils

    Version 1.0.0


    See Image...
  7. papa

    DB90 amd DB120

    Papa, I just love the new db120. It works very well. Thanks for the mod and keep up the GREAT WORK.
  8. baileybuddy76

    FS17 Pink NewHolland Tractor Pack

    These Are Absolutely Amazing!! Now if I could find white and teal ribbons for lung and cervical cancer. Finding these today has made my day Thanks.🙂
  9. howard


    hi bud can you add sugar and flour to the sellpoint 150 plz is i'm on a map the his sugar and flour on it comes on pallets?
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  11. papasmurfmodding

    DB90 amd DB120

    Version 1.0.0


    i have updated to be able to seed lavender
  12. papasmurfmodding


    Version 1.0.0


    Flexcoil and Seed Hawk ReSkinned in John Deere 1 Flexcoil was reworked with Plow Functions Slightly Lowered Prices, Higher Capacity (Cart), and Speeds Credits: Iconik
  13. rckblack

    Iconik Header Pack V2

    works well but like RM said it needs A tweak so a hire help wont stop at end of one pass. 🙂
  14. mozuk

    FS19_Pack _Trailer_Beer_US_By_BOB51160

    great looking tankers only problem is 6 wheeler units catch landing legs and wont turn left or right .
  15. mozuk


    yogiland great map how do I get loader shovel for the mines ps your mods make playing more fun cheers
  16. Iconik

    Iconik Road Safety Pack

    Version 1.0.0


    NOTE: These are mainly edits of things that was released / converted that I found and improved on. I take no credit for any of the models as noted in the image and credits in the mod. Details are in the image...
  17. BOB51160




    BONJOUR a tous, Aujourd'hui, vous avez présenté le camion (Man Diesel Power), avec un intérieur bleu et aussi quelques déco et objets simpa, pour plus de détail voir les photos ci-joint.je vous souhaite un bon jeu à Tous MERCI .PS: pour ceux qui ont des questions faites le moi savoir, et pour ceux qui n'ont pas perdu mon travail s'abstenir de repondre MERCI. BOB51160. BONJOUR à tous, Aujourd'hui, je vous présente le camion (Man Diesel Power), avec un intérieur bleu et quelques objets déco et simpa, pour plus de détails, voir les photos ci-jointes.Je vous souhaite bon jeu à tous MERCI.PS: pour ceux qui J'ai des questions à me faire savoir, et pour ceux qui n'aiment pas mon travail s'abstenir de répondre MERCI. BOB51160. Bonjour, prenez soin de votre camion (Man Diesel Power) avec vue de l'intérieur et de la maison, et avec Simpa-Objekten. Für weitere Détails siehe die Fotos hier im Anhang. Tous les remerciements. Tous les mots clés sont indiqués ci-dessous, y compris les noms de famille, les noms de famille, les noms de famille, les noms de créateurs, les noms de marque, les classements, les classements, les classements, etc. BOB51160.
  18. papasmurfmodding

    LS19_Yogiland_EN_OY 19

  19. BOB51160


    hello to you and thank you for mod mod, it will be useful persso and also for my trailer filling test, thank you again good day, good game and later ........ BOB51160 ...... .. France.
  20. predater

    LS19_Yogiland_EN_OY 19

    where can you find the schaufel Gold or download it for Yogiland
  21. francilien

    LS19_Yogiland_EN_OY 19

    Oui cette carte est superbement bien réaliser! This is a plate plate on is not to the self-to-the-time-to-top .... J'aime le champs de bataille mais bon c'est déjà ecxélents .... Mercie. à yogi ..

    LS19_Yogiland_EN_OY 19

    hi yogi .how do you get the ore shaker to work ? put loads of ore in waited ages still not working mate .thanks again

    LS19_Yogiland_EN_OY 19

    thank you yogi very much appreciated
  24. Ken Taylor


    I found your site very useful . I thank you and nick the hick .
  25. Guest

    LS19_Yogiland_EN_OY 19

    right here click download and select what u need
  26. Version


    BONJOUR a tous. Aujourd'hui je vous presente le Pack de 2 trailers de bierr US.se qui fait 2 models par remorque, vous devez décompresser le fichier auparavant merci.CAPACITY: 90000 litres MERCI et bon jeu. PS: pour ceux qui ont des questions faite le moi savoir, et pour ceux qui n'aime pas mon travaille s'abstenir de repondre MERCI. Hello everyone. Today I present you the Pack of 2 trailers of bierr US.se which makes 2 models by trailer, you must unzip the file beforehand thank you.CAPACITY: 90000 liters THANKS and good game. PS: for those who have questions let me know, and for those who do not like my work refrain from answering THANK YOU. BOB51160.
  27. papasmurfmodding


    vous etes les bienvenus
  28. Barnaby


    Nice mod, i like it but there is a problem with grass, hay and straw. For exemple, if you start picking up grass and you pick up 1 unit of hay all your grass vanish and you have only 1 unit of hay. I search in xml where is the error but i'm not a modder. Can you take a look?

    LS19_Yogiland_EN_OY 19

    where can i find the wheel loader and gold shovel for this map great map really enjoying this map but need the gold for xtra cash
  30. Proteus


    papa smurf modding Permitir que eu possa corrigir (AI) que está incorreto ♻️ Ai --workAreas - heightMarkers está incorreto 🗯️
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