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  5. Angstrom


    A number of the factories do not work, either downloaded from here or the ricci site. The input and output items are not recognized. can somebody please fix.
  6. Jamis

    FS19_Ricciville Map

    this map is what i have been looking for since first playing FS. The Factories and expanded economy provide more depth, as opposed to plant harvest repeat. I myself am what I call Computer dumb, so the things modders create just amaze me and i appreciate it all. With all the factories, greenhouses etc. would it be possible to have a "public utility " mod similar to the animal pen extension paying a fee to hook up water. even with a 90k L tanker it seems like I spend hours just hauling water which takes away from my limited game time
  7. bones55


    you all do a grate job making mods
  8. Earlier
  9. sxty10086


    我是中国的爱好者,非常喜欢这个地图。由于中国地区的特殊情况无法登陆脸谱网,不能更新 新的工厂mod。希望在这里得到新的工厂mod,谢谢: I am a fan of China, and I love this map very much. Because of the special situation in China, it is impossible to update the new factory mod by landing on Facebook. I hope to get a new factory mod here. Thank you.
  10. jorjep


  11. jorjep


    Hvad gør jeg, når min tømmermølle ikke producerer lumber. Jeg har prøvet spillet kun med Ricci mods, men det hjælper heller ikke, jeg har hemtet både pakke to og selve spillet op til flere gange, men intet hjælper. Skal jeg så bare opgive spillet, som jeg ellers syne meget godt om, da man jo ikke kan komme nogle vegne uden paletter, so ikke kan laved uden lumber Jeg håber at finde en løsning på problemet Med venlig hilsen jorjep
  12. railroader69

    FS19_Ricciville Map

    One of the best maps in FS19
  13. chvella

    LS19_Yogiland_EN_OY 19

    The German version got an update and is great any idea of where can I find the English updated version? Thanks for the map and the mods you produce
  14. Profan07

    Iconik Ideal Harvester V2

    First of all thanks for amazing mods for fs19. It makes the game playing very interesting. By the way i have an issue with cotton storage. Can't dumping cotton over there with semitipper...Thanks again for all...
  15. PepperTedChilli


    Fantastic mod and a great help to me as I planted 4000 acres of root crops! It's quick and folds very well so many thanks to all involved.
  16. houston62

    FS19_Ricciville Map

    hello to all I say all congratulations for the map and the mods I'm French and I have not yet seen a map like this one tanks again for your wok and continue as his tanks to all
  17. Smiley

    Iconik Ideal Harvester V2

    Great Mod, will be trying more of your mods Thanks
  18. mannysclimenti@gmail.com


    Can't get any factory to work won't produced any product none of them
  19. jorjep


    Whatever I try, Timber Mill will not: produce neither timber nor wooden vessels How do I make it Greeting jorjep
  20. The-BullDog-NL


    Great map love it to play on this map .
  21. ngdr650


    Well done on this site to all. I’m a novice to the site and FS. Dose anyone know how to change the working width of equipment? I have a mowing setup i use and I would like to change the working width to get around the trees better.
  22. Barnaby

    LS19_Yogiland_EN_OY 19

    Hi, i don't know how to harvest asperagus, i didn't find any header to do that. Can you guide me please?
  23. jerryg

    Iconik Ideal Harvester V2

    Great Website. Great selection of downloads. Trustworthy downloads. Thank you Pap[a for doing this. Much appreciated.
  24. STORM1970


    Hello and thanks for all the awesome mods 👍 you make this game even more fun...BTW Riccimap is mind blowing....
    Cazz you did a great job on this mod. I use it on the Kiwi Farm. Keep up the great work.
  25. SirDouglas


    Another AWSOM map, I have started to play on this map and no glitches yet ( don't think ill find any ).Love the field sizes ,prices are just right, good starting fleet ,all around another grate map looking forward to play it longer. THX again for another fantastic map.:)
  26. minicrazy


    hi anyone know what happen to


    facebook page i can't find it or have i been block or something???

  27. Kromar


    always great content from this community and this creator
  28. martin30813


    Works like it should its a must have...
  29. martin30813

    FS19_Ricciville Map

    Had the older version of this map and could not get the lumber mill to make boards.... But this update Version made everything work as it should.. Love it , this map has been in my game for some time im happy to know they keep it up to date thanks to the guys who put a lot of time into this map. keep up the great work...
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