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  2. martin30813


    Works like it should its a must have...
  3. martin30813

    FS19_Ricciville Map

    Had the older version of this map and could not get the lumber mill to make boards.... But this update Version made everything work as it should.. Love it , this map has been in my game for some time im happy to know they keep it up to date thanks to the guys who put a lot of time into this map. keep up the great work...
  4. Version 1.0.0


    info coming soon
  5. Yesterday
  6. Asym

    FS19_Ricciville Map

    подскажите чем убирать табак
  7. Last week
  8. David_2019


    The lights on the cutter Head would turn off.
  9. gary


    this is a good mod love it and ty
  10. gary


    it is a good mod i love it ty
  11. MIKIKE


  12. MIKIKE


    Thank you very much, nice mod
  13. davidfarmer


    bonjour a tous après plusieurs teste des mods usine a place Ricci avec global compagnie je peut vous informé que sa ne fonctionne pas
  14. davidfarmer


    bonjour je suis français pas mal les usine mes pourquoi il ni a pas les board ( planche ) ?
  15. Sledge1Swede


    Hello Farmer friends I love the map and i love the factories so many new futures and so many opportunities for the future it is absolute the best Farmer 19 experience so far i could go on here with all the awesomeness and tell everyone to download and give it a go and i will give it 10/10 if the youtube videos was more about the way things work and showcase step by step whats really going on and how to do things i mean its all there but it gets a little to much to take in to watch a stream at the same time .So 7/10 cause with all this new features it is key to understand how to play the map with them ad not get frustrated tryin. Dont forget that most players have limited time to read and figure things out they want to get there hands dirty going out in the favorite gear and farm in there own ways The map itself is a hands down 10/10 and i cant wait to get all pieces together and getting some new addons to keep the map being at the TOP. Happy Farming from Sledge1Swede
  16. Vito Corleone


    I am french and thank you for everything you feast
  17. oldman102


    Version 1.0.0


    Sam Adams Brewery
  18. oldman102


    Version 1.0.0


    Tanks hold 1 million liters each.
  19. NaGyo

    FS19_Ricciville Map

    Very good map
  20. danny jhon

    Ricci_Orchard Pack

    awsome just awsome
  21. P3G4SuSuOuT


    Hi, I am thinking of getting this map as it looks very interesting. I am curious though as to why no snow on the roads? Certain places like the sale points I can understand, unless you can get the markers to appear on top of the snow lol. I think it would be cool to have to "make" my way to the places myself. Also the buildings shouldn't be snow free as that won't give us the "fresh laid" look when we peer out of the farmhouse windows. It would look a little strange if the floor had snow but the roofs not. Unless this is some sort of performance or conflict issue. I'll let you know how I find it though. Thanks for the work and time it took you.
  22. Version 1.0


    bonjour à tous, aujourd'hui je vous présente la trailer ( FS17 New Holland FH 1944 ) 3 essieus couleur unie jaune et la capacity: 50000l. je vous souhaite a tous bon jeux.PS: pour ceux qui ont des questions faites le moi savoir, et pour ceux qui n'ont pas perdu mon travail s'abstenir de repondre MERCI. Hello everyone, today I present the trailer (FS17 New Holland FH 1944) 3 axles yellow solid color and capacity: 50000l. I wish you all good games.
  23. rainsiek

    FS19_Ricciville Map

    hello, where can i get support for ricciville map ?
  24. Earlier
  25. The Terraformer


    Awesome addition to the game. Thank you kindly
  26. Bettlejuice


    Beau travail , merci
  27. Bettlejuice


    Merci bien ,et beau travail
  28. Leeb


    I am new to the riccimap and have to explore it but these packs will help me to enrich de map, tank you very much
  29. PaulPP


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