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  3. ngdr650


    👍. The only autoload wagon I use. Lol. now this is not a request. Is there a way I can change it to pick up everything? If that’s ok? im glad I watch nick the hick👍 Well done on the mods and site.
  4. ngdr650


    👍. Sweet looking truck. Thanks for modding it👍 Any chance this has the autoload wood script?
  5. Yesterday
  6. strelitzexpress


    Can build only 8 buildings of the same category. In the version 1.2 this was not yet. Why now?
  7. Last week
  8. dcarter947@yahoo.com


    Way to go Cazz.....when can we expect your next masterpiece?
  9. dcarter947@yahoo.com


    Way to go Cazz.....when can we expect your next masterpiece?
  10. sargthekiwigamer


    this is a cool map and anything tht cazz and the team make go get them and play them you will enjoy them
  11. Earlier
  12. RavenNeo


    Hello, is there a color choice for this harvester?
  13. Farmer2020


    This Rubicon is the best sprayer. I use it on all my big maps. Man is it fast
  14. SpaceAce


    Love using these seeders/planters with all the options and the awesome width they provide. i have recently started playing on a new map to me called homestead and it has a few more seed types that are not listed on these yet, most notable "Coffee" . looking forward to the next update. thanks to all for making this game fun through mods
  15. indos


    Hallo,könnte mir jemand weiter helfen,kann auf der Wildwest keine Kühe dazu kaufen,finde den Trigger nicht. Gruß Volker
  16. indos


    Super ,vielen Dank.
  17. Iceman4343


    Does it work with hired help? Does it work with course play?
  18. jbgamer


    Hey great mod. When I go to lower the shower, I have to lower it twice to actually lower and when I hire someone it doesn’t lower before it gets on the field. It lowers after it’s already on the field.
  19. DurazellpcGaming


    When picking up hay, if it touches the smallest amount of grass that has not been teddered it resets to 0 and you lose the hay you collected. I have had this mod before and have now tried a couple of others that are different and they are all doing this. I am using Stevie's Fenton X4 map. It also did the same thing on Cazz64 Kiwi Starter. So its not the maps. I have made sure I didnt have any other pickup trailers or auto loads to cause conflict. Not sure what the issue is. The mod I had over a year ago worked flawlessly, I am thinking Giants have changed something that is possibly causing a conflict of some sort. I have seen the other posts and they also are having this issue. Quite sure there are many with it, lots never bother to report tho.
  20. Harshal


  21. p1fatman


    i have the orchard filled and it is active, how do you get the grapes out? doesnt seem to be producing anything
  22. strelitzexpress


    This is a really map. I have developed them as a mixture of agriculture and factories. Is it possibly you still wine and peanuts as fruits adds? Then everything would be perfect.
    I love this map Map FS19 Wild West 16x 1.4 I can't download 50kp/s my net👉 100 m/s👈
  23. Poorboy


    Version 1.0.0


    Here we have the Expendables Pete NO longer has all the axle configs i have added log bunks made frame color match the cab fixed tanks so they stay chrome never went in to deep on this one mainly just added bunks and xml work credits for truck Expendables Parts used MSM
  24. Poorboy


    Version 1.0.0


    Here we have D3 machinerys w900 i have redone the in the syle of UP michigan pulp truck Tim over at Acme Acres help design this truck. shout out to him Heres what ive done added 2 new bumber options added several beacons added 2 tag axle cab an bed color changable new engine sounds much much more that isnt visable i installed a used tag on this, it has an air leak when you first buy it the tag is down, itll stay up after its first bought hope this is useful for ya credits for truck D3 Machinery Parts used MSM and Expendables
  25. Hoosier Farmer


    FS19, COVID19, CAZZ maps, OVERWHELMING!! Thanks for your work and outstanding maps.
  26. zorro1925


    Awesome map Cazz, thank you...
    Looks like this is going to be fun to play on. Thank You.
  27. Trainmaster


    New toy for the WW Map Thanks for the mod.
  28. Trainmaster


    Game changer and Thanks for another great mod.
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