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  1. FS19_Welker_Farms_by_Marc

    hi folks. today i have for you Welker farms seasons ready. To get straight to the point durring the winter time all the fields are covered in snow, the roads are free of snow,the buildings are snow free,the shop is snow free,the placeable areas are snow free,the wood sell area is snow free and most other sell points are also snow free in cluding the dairy sell point for the milk.the main farm and the bunker triggers are snow free as u can gather from the screenshots that i hae presented with this. for the rest of the seasons spring sommer and autumn the trees will change their looks to them as well.the log is error free after testing so this will be the first map with built in seasons.
    so i hope u enjoy the map with seasons, the seasons script can be found in the giants modhub for the download.let me know what u think in the comments and thanks.
    The mapper ,mappers paradise gets the credits for making the map and i get the credits for adding the seasons to the map.


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  2. FS19_eastbridgeHills multifruit

    This is a large scale new version of the Westbridge Hills map from FS15.  This is my first map and I am only releasing this for feedback.  It is not complete and may have bugs.  Please let me know what you find and also any thing that could be changed.  As i am still building I have not included credits yet, so know that there are mods being used from others.  To install you must unzip the main and copy all of the contents into you mod folder.  If you have them installed already you can just skip those files.  Thanks and enjoy!


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