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FS19_Southern_Farming 1.0.0

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About This File

This is my first map for FS19 it is based out of my home town were i was born and live. The main farm can not be sold but there are 4 spots to build farms and to place animals the map has everything that farm sim has to offer and with some custom stuff and textures. And I would to thank LS Mod Company  as i did use a few of there textures and to any other mod maker that i may have used there building or anything that i found on the internet and the map does have Animated Doors. The map has been out for over a month but this is the only place that i have uploaded it to and the grass and cotton plant textures are my own as i could not find any that looked like the grass or what cotton looks like after a harvest. And please over look my typing as this is not my strong point and I hope you enjoy the maps that I bring to Farm Sim. Sorry I had the wrong link up but it is fixed And as fare as I have seen there is no errors on this map on single player or on the server other then the ones that can not be fixed  like the bush01 and the http errors and I have worked on the the flat beds of the train and they will hold bales and seeds if strapped down.




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another super one for the king  of modding thanks  papa smurf 

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this is hands down the best out in fs19. Thank you guys so much for releasing this!

Giants should have you making the maps! 


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love the map. real close to where i grew up and still live!!!!

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Farm Hand John


I love this map, but Ive downloaded it on two different computers, (to test it), and I have no train at all on the map. One computer has no other mods by the way. Does anyone else have this issue?

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