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Cold Mountain Forestry



Map_FS19_RusticAcres_V 4.0.0

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About This File

   Hi all. Here is my map called 'Rustic Acres'. It has GNG Modding open range animal mods with animal pen extensions added to them. (You will have to downloas Animal Pen extension mad to use it). I added sell points for production mods. Diesel sales at the port. Garden shop that takes Fertilizer, Liquid fertilizer, Lime, Forage etc from your production mods.

I would like to thank GNG Modding for there mods. Iconik Upgrades for farm logo and  supporters billboard. Papa smurf for helping with Giants update errors, Perran, and Tim for testing map with me. and my Face book supporters. Hope you enjoy the map. Cheers. Cazz

SUPPORT PAGE FACBOOK https://www.facebook.com/groups/2280994372124357/?ref=group_header

LINK FOR MAP  http://modsfile.com/eiiukboxdcar/Map_FS19_RusticAcres_V1.zip.html

LINK FOR SUPPORTS BOARD http://modsfile.com/ro4xhb867lp1/supporters_billboard.zip.html


What's New in Version 4.0.0   See changelog


Changed traffic, added Alfalfa etc. Lots of changes...




This is cazz Rustic Acres UpDate Version 2.0  Dedication To The Memory Of Lonnie Locke




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marc wohlmayer


hi there cazz, awesome map bro, love it man, its just perfect to play on too but i noticed up by the dealership at the entrance everytime an ai car goes by that entrance to the dealership the gate or bar opens magically so that has to be looked at. thats all i have noticed so far and just a heads up for ya. thanks. keep up the good work cazz.

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could you post a photo of the map itself? from the escape menu?

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Hey Cazz, 

I have been playin the map for the last couple days and I seem to have found a bug with one of the contracts. Its for harvesting Alfalfa on field 32, I have done the contract 3 times now and each time it wont finish. It hits 97% with all the harvest being taken to Seaview Mill. Nothing I have tried has made it possible to finish the contract.  I used a Harvester and trailer,  and I tried a forage wagon,  and neither will complete it. Any idea what is going on with it?

Other wise  Awsome Map and I am lovin it. 




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Just started the map.  One of the starter fields started with default crop of carrots.  I can't find any in-game mod that will harvest carrots.  Am I missing something?

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Just wondering about some missions.I never get contract to harvest cotton or poplar. I have fertilized both but then they want me to cultivate it or sow it but never harvest. Not really a big deal just wanted to try them before I bought equipment to do them myself. Anyone know whats causing this?

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