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one of the greatest modders


5 American style modding

Ricci_modPack2 1.0.0

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Mod Pack2 to be used on the Ricciville map, wont work on other maps


Lumber Mill: produces Lumber and woodChips

Barrel Mill produces barrels

Pallet Mill produces pallets

Steel works produces nails and barrel rings

Box mill produces boxes

Composter produces compost


Pldman102 - Miller inc. - Papa Smurf
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Can't get any factory to work won't produced any product none of them  

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Hello Farmer friends I love the map and i love the factories  so many new futures and so many opportunities for the future it is absolute the best Farmer 19 experience so far i could go on here with all the awesomeness and tell everyone to download and give it a go and i will give it 10/10 if the youtube videos was more about the way things work and showcase step by step whats really going on and how to do things i mean its all there but it gets a little to much to take in to watch a stream at the same time .So 7/10 cause with all this new features it is key to understand how to play the map with them ad not get frustrated tryin.

Dont forget that most players have limited time to read and figure things out they want to get there hands dirty going out in the favorite gear and farm in there own ways 


The map itself is a hands down 10/10 and i cant wait to get all pieces together and getting some new addons to keep the map being at the TOP.


Happy Farming from




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A number of the factories do not work, either downloaded from here or the ricci site. The input and output items are not recognized. can somebody please fix.

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我是中国的爱好者,非常喜欢这个地图。由于中国地区的特殊情况无法登陆脸谱网,不能更新 新的工厂mod。希望在这里得到新的工厂mod,谢谢:

I am a fan of China, and I love this map very much. Because of the special situation in China, it is impossible to update the new factory mod by landing on Facebook. I hope to get a new factory mod here. Thank you. 

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