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Papa Smurf Modding

FS19_Mining_Extreme_4x 3.0.0

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About This File

This is My 4X mining Extreme map it has Mining, Farming, Forestry, Factory's. It is seasons ready, It is presision farming ready.

It needs Global Company mod to work.

It is set for Seasons and Precision Farming Ready.


What's New in Version 3.0.0   See changelog


Some minor final fixes.


And you will need to start a new game SORRY.


Here is a mega link for people who have trouble downloading from papas site.



winston9587 , JK2359 , PapaSmurf Moding , Oldman1022 , PVMods , MP7 Farmer , Giants , ATS , Marhu , Dixie Angel.

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very good map. only one thing i like to ask.in the mine there are some things you can"t mine.like you can mine ore and gravel but there are a couple that are just white you can"t excavate them.can you help me with that. thank you very much.

Response from the author:

there is one that is white it is salt and you might need an excavator to cut the sides down a bit to dig it dixie angle was streaming the map and she had no problems but i will look at doing an edit to make the edge of each pile have steps to make it easier to dig. but that might take a few days

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I live on the Northeast Coast of Scotland, I had to download the four parts one at a time, but I got there in the end. I have been playing on this map for the past two days.  I have not been on everything, but I will say it now that this map is the best I have ever played on.  There is so much more to do.  The mining aspect is made super easy using Frase and its attachment.  The Caterpillar Pack makes for a sound addition and has helped me a great deal in single player.  The scale of the map and everything that comes within it is fantastic, well laid out and I have not experienced any stutter or lag, unlike some maps that I have used in the past.

There are other mods that I use such as Agraz, unfortunately Agraz Pallets do not work as a top up to the business of making pallets at the default sawmill, its layout and its functions work perfectly well leaving Agraz to its own devices.


A fantastic map and worth playing. 👍👍

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awesome map ! everything is well laid out with new new productions and lots to do .. really enjoyed this map 🙂

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Id love to be able to play this map. I have been able to download all but the map and keep getting "network Failure". Will someone please message me back with a way to get this map .




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Map loaded but will not save. Once you try to save it just keeps spinning never finishes the save, Help please

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So far we are enjoying the map, but there are a few problems that I have been trying to fix with no luck thus far.  We don't tend to use the provided farms and like to build our own.  There seems to be some problems with the animals.  There is a black ram that shows it has an error and costs nothing and if you try to buy it, it locks up the game.  Also, the horses don't seem to cost anything so they also sell for nothing.  We love all the brand name shops.  Looks like it could be any American town.   If you could fix the animal issues that would be great.

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Question rather than a review is there any plan for something like this on fs22? 

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Amazing map very nice. Thanks a lot 👍👍👍

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very good work but the there is a problem in ore mine it is very dificult to work in and you can"t excavate it please correct it and make it much easier to dig

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great map , keep up the great work


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whether dogs need to be fed
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Thanks for tis beutifull map, can you make this map also for fs22

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Cant get the Damned thing downloaded so  Zilch for a reveiw 

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Paul lS


Mooie en bespeelbare kaart.

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não consigo baixar o mapa diz que a rede imite que posso fazer?

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I Can`t download the map it says network issuses ?? what can i do ??

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i cant get this to download at all


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map looks Amazing!!! 


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can someone please help me how do u put this map in to fs19 i have put the 4 files but nothing happens to it doze not load please help thank u 


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A l'air pas mal, je vais essayer

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Super cool map Winston9587! Really enjoying it so far.

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