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FS19_DELTA 1.2.0

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Changelog v 1.2 - Reccomend new savegame. There are terrain changes. With some searching, you can keep your savegame with some minor work.
- v1.2 - Fixed several economy related prices to be more realistic.
- Finished several custom Animations
- Several visual improvements, road fixes, terrain fixes.
- Finished/Fixed Gold Wash Plant 3 model.
- Finished Firewood Processor 3d model and animations
- Fixed log error "CPU Mesh Cooking" pallet collision.
- Fixed minor visuals with seasons, snow planes.
- Fixed Sugar Refinery - Player trigger was offset.
- Added more trees to some logging areas.
- Added Maize Plus support/more crop types.
- Improved logging road.
- Added my custom OilRig 3d model and created animations for it.
- Made adjustments to Seasons GEO file for accuracy. Drier summer.
- Fixed default starting silo amounts.
- Added more equipment for starting.
- Increased Bee Hive (Honey) output pallet capacity (From 3 to 6).
- Increased HayLoft capacity.
- Increased several factory input capcity amounts.
- Changed PaperMill output from Pallet Spawners to Object Spawners like Pallet/Sawmill.
- Fixed Snow Mission not completing. Snow was falling through road into dips in terrain underneath.
- Made main FarmSilo pull through and height larger.
- Fixed Brewery pallet input glitch.
- Fixed Brewery not producing Beer Pallets. Lowercase P in i3d filename.
- Increased All Liquid trailer fill rate by double.
- Increased Salmon Fishery Pallet input capacity to 42.
- Changed Gold Mine output piles from rising planes to dynamic heaps.
- Increased storage capacities.
- Increased several pallet spawners at factories.
- Cleaned up Smoked Salmon work particle systems, reduced lag, FPS drop, jitter.
- Extended bunkerSilo trigger, better/less glitches opening cover

Delta Junction is a real town located in the interior portion in my home State of Alaska. In the 1980's the State encouraged Agriculture through subsidies and land auctions. The area has several large farms known for dense and hardy grain crops.
Farms in Delta Junction are massive and generally flat tracts of land nestled between the Alaska and St. Elias Mountain Ranges. 24 hours of sunlight provides endless work hours during the summer followed by dark winter days.
The summer temperatures are warm and frequently reach well into the 90’s F. However, in the winter you can expect to not get above 0 degrees F for months.
The temperature frequently reaches minus 50 and 60 degrees. Some say a small price to pay to be able to watch the Aurora Borealis all winter long. The map is quite accurate geographically including rivers, bridges, Trans Alaska Oil Pipeline and town. Do you have what it takes to farm in the Final Frontier?

Required Mods: Global Company(by LS-Modcompany) - Must be enabled to use any Production/Factories. USE CURRENT OFFICIAL VERSION ON MODHUB.
Recommended Mods: Seasons, Diesel/Liquid Transport Truck or Trailer. Lettuce, Onion, Carrot and Cabbage harvester. Many available on the mod sites.

Mods Ready: Supported
- Seasons
- Maize Plus
- Animal Pen Extension
- The map includes most vanilla FS19 features. Sugar Cane removed for location accuracy.
- MultiFruit
- Multiple Custom Factories with custom animations - Global Company Factory Script Required.
- All Animal Pastures - Can be sold.
- Recommend starting in New Farmer mode to get all prebuilt advantages and pastures.
- Fully functional custom Train System, cars, and Silos. Train connects several factory hierarchies
- 30 Fields. Ranging from small, medium, large and massive.
- Multiple custom sell points.
- Large and dense forest areas for endless logging that can be purchased.
- Seasons Ready and Optimized. Multiple snow missions available including road plowing contracts.
- Mining - Gold mining as well as a Rock Quarry processing. Gold mine has a full custom 3d modeled washplant.
- Custom Factories including: Brewery, Distillery, Salmon Fishery, Smoked Salmon, Crude Oil Well, Gold Mine, Quarry, Lumber Mill, Diesel Refinery, Pallet Factory, Paper Mill, Honey, Dairy (Milk and Cheese), Firewood, Sugar Refinery, Flour Mill, Bread, and Cake.
- Built in storage houses using GTX Andy's storage Scripts. The best storage available! Thank you GTX
- A lot of textures are from my own photography including the mountains, Fireweed (Tall Pink Flowers) and more.
- Trailer for transporting all map liquids (including oil) is in the store for trailers under category of Misc.
- Two salt buying silos for seasons. Delta Transport and Air Cargo.
- CowHusbandry compatible with GEA Feeder from GlobalCompany

Helpful Tips:
MAKE SURE YOU OWN THE LAND THAT FACTORIES ARE ON! They will allow input of products but won't work if you don't own the land.
At some Global Company Factories, you have to interact with the trigger and spawn the products once they're produced. Some have pallet spawners and you will see them spawning during production. When pallet spawners are full, the production stops until you move the pallet.
The ones that do not have pallet spawners allow high volume production to take place while you farm and can spawn them when you're ready to transport them.

Credits: LS-Modcompany, GTX Mods, Realismus Modding and contributors. Most of all, SHYWIZARD on Youtube. Amazing map tutorials over the years. A lot of mods get collected and reposted to sites. If you see mod in here that is yours, thank you. If you'd like credit contact me.

This map was originally built for FS17 and never released. FS19 came out before it was complete. I lived 30 minutes from the location the map is based on and based and modeled. I spent months converting and resurrecting it for FS19. This is my first map release.

Please enjoy! If you find bugs, need help, or have feedback I can be found on Giants Forums or reddit at Profile Name: dougw133
Looking for someone to translate moDesc and items for the map to other languages. Please contact me if interested.


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Cannot add diesel to firewood processor. Please fix. Thanks

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make sure you own the land because i have no problems with adding fuel to the firewood factory


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