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Papa Smurf Modding

FS22_PSM_rapide8400Windrow_converted 2.0.0

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HERE I HAVE FOR YOU IS FS19_PSM_rapide8400Windrow  CONVERTED TO FS22_PSM_rapide8400Windrow_converted


What's New in Version 2.0.0   See changelog


i have updated to the new giants updates also did some small fixes here and there



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One of my favorite mods!

To make it perfect,

you need to add a Hay option at like 80K total cap. 

The way FS22 works you have to get like 8% of total Cap. of wagon to stick the wagon to Hay only,

if you don't hit the 8%, or 400,000 of the 5 million then you hit a piece of grass,

it empties the Wagon to 0%. 

Setting the wagon to 5 million, you can do a whole field and you'll  never hit the 8% needed.

I edited my xml file to have this extra option at the repair shop!


Thanks Papa!



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great mod! psa it shows up in the miscellaneous category not forage wagons  

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I love this mod.  It saves so much time collecting grass, hay chaff and straw.  I use it on every map I play.

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Hoosier Farmer

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This makes picking up straw, hay, chaff a dream come true. I have used this mod for the past two games and it only gets better. Keep up the excellent work.

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one of my favorite mods I would love to see one of theses made as a rock collector that would be awesome to have especially working in big fields try to build on for me papa smurf    

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One of my top mods as well in Farming simulator. been a huge fan of this forage wagon for many years. Also being a fan of larger maps and Fields this helps cut down on time collecting loose Straw,hay and grass. for making Silage and feed for animals. Great Job Guys Keep up the awesome work.

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Hi guy s here is my review of FS22_PSM_rapide8400Windrow_converted 1.0.0


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Earl Jones

   5 of 7 members found this review helpful 5 / 7 members

This  mod shows that it has been installed, but it can not be found in the store.

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When i downloaded it i only can get 250,000 liter not 3 or 9 million

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the only upgrade i'd do to this forage wagon is to have a pipe on it like an auger wagon has. only to be able to unload into a semi trailer due to the fact the tractors travel too slow...especially on the 16x maps. other than that...this is an swesome mod

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Use this on nearly every map. Just wish the hydraulic sounds didn't happen while its parked or even when its being moved on a trailer.

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One of my favorite mods from Bdbssb. 

The only thing I wish this mod had was more color choices. I would love to have used the John Deere colors.


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