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Papa Smurf Modding

Farming Simulator 22 Update v1.3.0.0

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Bugfixes & Changes
Fixed AI issues with articulated steering vehicles
Fixed animal screen scrolling input on number of animals
Fixed Animated Map Objects for mod maps
Fixed beehive honey pallet spawning
Fixed an issue where animal sounds were distorted while being close to an animal pen while in cabin view
Fixed bales that randomly appeared within the vehicles shop
Fixed crashes that appeared most recently on older console hardware when loading heavy save games or joining MP games with heavy saves
Fixed damage and owner display in vehicle info HUD
Fixed grassland rollers on Erlengrat
Fixed input for opening map directly
Fixed issues with beacon lights not matching the light reflections
Fixed issues with pallet forks falling into ground
Fixed issues with vehicles strapped on a train
Fixed license plates after resetting a vehicle
Fixed lost wood when factory storage is full
Fixed map hotspot graphics for various vehicles
Fixed train hotspot display for clients on Elmcreek
Fixed ModHub download progress display not being updated properly
Fixed players being able to open wrapped bales of other farms
Fixed preplaced buildings being deleted when sold
Fixed rare crash and visual issues when cutting trees
Fixed rare problem with silage silo not opening correctly when uncovered
Fixed situations where the game would not save anymore due to not enough memory
Fixed steering axles while trailers attached to the front of the tractor
Fixed unloading of cotton bales from bale loader
Fixed usage of custom mod pallets in productions
Fixed usage of vehicle tool cameras
Fixed various issues with using custom translations in mod maps
Fixed workshop update when vehicles are changed or sold
Improved accessibility of some stations by the semi-helper
Improved AI loading and unloading for various storage silos and hay barn
Improved collision of trees
Increased maximum height for unloading Heizomat HM 8-400 KLC
Map slot count is now calculated correctly, which will further prevent crashes on older hardware when loading into heavy savegames
Stone picker helper will now stop when it’s full. It will automatically unload while a trailer is nearby
Various improvements of driving or working behavior

New additions
Added color configurations for Nardi header trailers
Added contract progress notifications
Added feature to sell vehicles and tools when loading a save that would be too heavy to load on older console generations otherwise
Added license plates for traffic cars on Haut-Beyleron & Erlengrat
Added minimum and maximum prices over a year in the fluctuations display
Added PowerDrive transmission to Case IH Magnum 400
Added proper ground alignment for Kuhn GF 8712
Added support for modders who can now define snap positions for cutters, so they snap onto base game cutter trailers
Added Three-Point-Linkage option for Versatile 4 WD
Added wheeled US configuration for CLAAS Lexion 8900

New vehicles and tools
Fendt / Massey Ferguson IDEAL ParaLevel
Fendt / Massey Ferguson PowerFlow 30FT
Kotte PQ 32.000
Krampe Big Body 750 S
Ploeger AT5104 LNMS


Farming simulator

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