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FarmingtonMF_UNZIPME 1.0.0

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**** Map Release****
Welcome to Farmington; a peaceful fictional farming paradise. This map features 6 buyable farms plus plenty of fields to supply the various factories in town. This map is perfect for both single player and multiplayer. No matter how you decide to play, happy farming.
Features besides the ones listed above:  multifruit including flax (linseed), alfalfa, cabbage, red cabbage, rye, poppy, hops, carrots, onions, and lavender, animal pens can fit more animals in them; feed amounts have been increased, new crops added to animal feed (eg: alfalfa added to sheep pen and cows; rye, barley, and sorghum added to chickens, cabbage and red cabbage added to pigs, carrots added to horses), splines for traffic, all Giants animals including bees, forest area in the top right of the map, homemade horse riding area at the horse farming, preplaced greenhouses, and a large placeables area in town.
There is one known bug on the map that causes the trees to flicker in the autumn months. To fix this bug make sure you turn off multisampling anti-assailing and foliage shadows.
I'd like to thank my testers Luke Christensen, Jim Penix Jr., Edward Green, Leon Schular, Mccsk Leroy, Aaron Thom, Redeyewolf Gaming, and Josh Knapp.


Credits: Farmer BoB (Youtube mapping tutorials), TeamRheinlandpfalz/Markus and Aaron Thom (multifruit), Giants Software (deco and placeables)

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Love this map, very relaxing to play and very well laid out. Keep up the great work!!!!

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Vito Corleone

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thank you for this beautiful map 👍


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Paul lS

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Ga hem eens bekijken en geven dan een oordeel.

Map ziet er goed uit, maar welke machine om rooien van rode kool ,etc.

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complimenti per la bellissima mappa,mi sarebbe piaciuto se anche il resto della mappa si poteva acquistare,continuate cosi' complimenti e grazie.

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Great map as usual. Only issue I found which may have been a loading issue was, Bought lime from store in starting trailer. After unloading lime into farm silo I could not retrieve lime back from silo into either trailer or fertilizer spreader. It does show contents in silo though. Like I said, might be a load up issue and once again, great maps cant wait for the next one.


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bonjour cool sympas merci  👍

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Excellent map, love the extra multifruit. One small detail I believe is lacking and that is grass does not show growth state when seeded. Doesn't register on PDA. Hopefully and easy fix could resolve that.

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I have question for this map. Is this map going to ba albe to be use as crossplay to where consoles can use this map as well? The map is great and loved all the new furits that van be planted and harvested

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great map. only complaint is not being able to place stuff like gravel or dirt on the ground

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