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Huron County Michigan v1.1.0.1



This 16x (8km) map is loosely based on the farms near Bad Axe Michigan. The area has been altered slightly to make room for more sell points and better forestry. There are custom versions of all the base game production factories that have higher speeds and increased storage capacities plus a fertilizer factory and a forage mixing plant. The turbines on the map are purchased when you buy the farmland they are on and they will generate hourly income after they are purchased.  There are 215 fields ranging from small to very large.



Fixed Turbine LUA error on initial loading of the map.

Added custom animal husbandries that hold 500 of each animal and can spawn more pallets

Removed ambient wind noise as it was causing a problem for some people

Added  two modified trucks with more HP and a higher top speed

Added Krampe trailer with increased capacity. (more trailers and trucks coming soon)

a few small terrain fixes

What's New in Version   See changelog


Fixed loading trigger on bale storage.
Added the MoreTrees Script by KR-Softwares so now you can plant trees on the map.
Adjusted the prices of Olives and Grapes and their related products to make them worth doing.


Map by MIAxeman
Ranch House and Garage by Elk Mountain Modding
Models by Giants

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Surprised to see there wasn't a review of this map.


Not a fan of doing pros and cons so just writing down my experiences:



I had no lag at all, because its mostly fields and not filled with fluff (some like fluff, I don't really care for it) So great experience there.


Start from Scratch:

A thing that bothered me with some other maps is they forgot to remove all your stuff in start from scratch. This map you properly start with 500K money and no land/vehicles. However there is also a downside there see point below.




For starters it is mostly flat and there is no traffic.


There is a lot of free space to build whatever you want, factories, farm houses/sheds etc.


However the biggest issue I have is the fact that all the fields are clumped together in a big land that you have to buy.


So yes there are 216 fields but in reality you can only buy 112 of them. And the cheapest is land 17, which has field 25 and 26 and some space in between for a farm. But will set you back 220.000. I am not sure why its done like this, maybe for performance? But it is impossible to buy individual fields and slowly grow in size. Its go big or go home.


The BGA is 500 KW on land 113 and you have to buy the land to get it and that will set you back 750.000.


Biggest field is 160 or land 81. A whopping 256 HA land that will cost you 10.5 million but you'll earn that back after a few harvests there.




There are a lot of wooden areas in between the farms that you can work at if forestry is your thing. There is also land 25 for 492.000 that gives you almost 13 HA of forest filled with spruce and pine trees (each about 35 meters in length).





If you like big fields that are mostly square then this is a perfect map for you. If you like to start small and slowly build up then this isn't really your map due to land buy limitations.


Rated it a 8/10


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