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    Version 1.0.0


    this is the crazy header 30 meters i have fixed all errors and did some adjustments this does grains and also corn authors Bybunyamn Edit by Jims Game Streams/PAPA SMURF MODDING
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    Version 1.0.0


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    Version 1.0.0


    Silage Dozer Blade Tractor pack for Farming simulator 19 1. Case Steiger 2. Challenger MT900E VE 3. Claas Xerion 5000 4. John Deere 9R 5. PITBULL BLADE 6. Steiger 7. T9TraxUI have fun Author: Danjelmc
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    Version 1.0.0


    FS 19 mod presentation: The Krone EasyCut Spezial custom-built mowers by Schwefer-Modding. Looking for instructions on where to download it? See the end of this post. Ever since I learned about the Silvercut 1500 mowers by the Slovenian manufacturer SIP, I’ve hoped that someone would make something similar for Farming Simulator 19. And now, someone has. Sort of. The modder has replaced the rotors on the Krone Swadro with Krone EasyCut mowers. The result is a trailed mower with a cutting width of 18(!) meters. And it isn’t totally unrealistic, although similar real-world setups I’ve seen, have one front mower in combination with 4 rear mowers. Maybe SIP will become a licensed Farming Simulator brand someday. Until then, I’ll be fine, using the custom-made Krone beast mode mower. Here are the specs: Brand: Krone. Credits: Giants Software, Schwefer-Modding. Category: Mowers. Base price: 125,000. Working speed: 20 kilometers per hour | 12 miles per hour. Working width: 18 meters. Required power: 160 horsepower. Selectable colors: No. Selectable wheels: No. Wheel brands: Trelleborg. Errors: One minor error. ERROR HAS BEEN FIXED Platforms: PC, Mac.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Hi all. Here is my map called 'Rustic Acres'. It has GNG Modding open range animal mods with animal pen extensions added to them. (You will have to downloas Animal Pen extension mad to use it). I added sell points for production mods. Diesel sales at the port. Garden shop that takes Fertilizer, Liquid fertilizer, Lime, Forage etc from your production mods. I would like to thank GNG Modding for there mods. Iconik Upgrades for farm logo and supporters billboard. Papa smurf for helping with Giants update errors, Perran, and Tim for testing map with me. and my Face book supporters. Hope you enjoy the map. Cheers. Cazz SUPPORT PAGE FACBOOK https://www.facebook.com/groups/2280994372124357/?ref=group_header LINK FOR MAP http://modsfile.com/eiiukboxdcar/Map_FS19_RusticAcres_V1.zip.html LINK FOR SUPPORTS BOARD http://modsfile.com/ro4xhb867lp1/supporters_billboard.zip.html
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    Version 1.0.0


    Iconik Cotton Addon Pack A pack of all things needed to fully use the Cotton Feature on the Ideal Harvester and Future Harvesters that I do. *Special thanks Papa Smurf for his help with the little things...* see image for details...
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    RULE Punishment No Harassing Members Banned from forums and PM privileges revoked No Spamming the forums Banned from forums No cussing (includes ********* and others) Banned from forums NO NO PRIVATE MODS Banned from SITE NO CHANCES no no PRIVATE MAPS Banned from SITE NO CHANCES ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please treat others with respect and kindness and try to help where and when ya can. This is a personal web blog site. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my employer. I make maps, and do a lot of farming equipment and more for this game. Most of my mods/maps are farm related. FS17 has a great platform for building your own world. I also dabble a bit with roleplaying mods as well. The web blog site is intended for sharing all types of mods/maps for the FS17 game, for all types of modders of the game. To safely put a download link up for members of the site to download. All credits are given to the modders as well. This also allows a modders work to not get "lost" on social media and never found to download. It's also easy for a member to find somthing fast, and download for their game. This blog disclaimer is subject to change at any time without notifications. Trademarks & Copyright Many subjects or links are submitted to this blog and posted and those owners retain their initial copyright and or/ trademarks. Please contact us for prompt service about possible infringements. Nominative use, also “nominative fair use”, is a legal doctrine that provides an affirmative defense to trademark infringement as enunciated by the United States Ninth Circuit, by which a person may use the trademark of another as a reference to describe the other product, or to compare it to their own. 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You accessing this blog means that you agree to the following terms: No offensive comments Help create the positive learning Share some constructive criticism Enjoy! 🙂 Services Store: We reserve the right to deny service to anyone we deem. We in no way are selling mods or property that does not belong to us. The payments made to this site are a donation based system. At any time you can request the same help in any of our forums or by submitting a feedback forum to us with the details of your requested service. Modding/Beta Access We offer access to a folder we own on dropbox that has many tools we use to make modifications and other 3d modeling projects. This folder also includes current projects that we are creating or editing. This access is a retractable at any time we deem it is being abused. We use this as a workstation and take no credit for the contents of it. This is a folder for personal modding and creating other 3d models for those wanting to learn for personal use only. 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